Spraying and watering booms

Spraying and watering booms are used in greenhouses to water plants on a large scale, to administer organic or other crop protectors and artificial fertilisers and to support Cleanlight UV lamps.

Available in simple to fully automatic versions

Every situation, every greenhouse, every crop and every operator has different requirements for equipment to ensure the best possible crop growth. Spraying and watering booms can therefore be supplied in versions varying from pushed by hand to a fully automatic integrated system. The possibilities and the required alterations are discussed for each situation.<0}

Lukassen has the following spraying and watering booms in its range:

  • FullMAT: fully automatic computer-controlled machine
  • SemiMAT: semi-automatic machine that moves over the central gangway on a transport trolley
  • EasoMAT: simple spraying / watering boom
  • (MultiMAT: Still to come)
  • SprayoMAT: spraying boom hangs on a transport trolley on the concrete path or hangs on 2 pipes at the top of the greenhouse, with the hose being rolled up and rolled out from a reel
  • Custom made: with the above machines as basis

Crop protection and fertilisation using the spraying and watering booms

Organic or other fertilisers and crop protectors can be mixed on the spraying/watering machine itself. From there, it is transported in the spraying or watering pipelines. It is also possible to affix Cleanlight UV lamps under the spraying / watering booms. These UV lamps are used to kill spores, bacteria and viruses on crops and materials, in water and in the air. 

Over the existing piping system

Where possible, the unit travels over existing heating pipes. However, the machines are becoming more complex and heavier, so that it is more often necessary to install a separate rail system. Besides this, new greenhouses are becoming larger and larger, so that the pipes need to be longer and therefore thicker. We recommend getting together to discuss this while a rebuilding or new building project is still at the drawing stage. This means we can ensure that the right rail system is fitted straight away in the right place, preventing many extra costs and delays. We prefer to come too often than too late.

Prepared for the future

Fortunately, it is becoming less frequent for customers to buy a machine and then decide to expand the system at a later stage, while the pipes are not thick enough for this. This leads to extra costs. We always take the customer’s plans for the future into account in our recommendations, so that any expansions to the system will not cause problems.

Spraying and watering booms are used every day. To prevent problems, it is vital that they work properly. Make an appointment to discuss the best solution for your greenhouse.