Machines and transport systems can save a great deal of heavy work. It is very frustrating if they break down or fail to operate at their best. It is therefore important that machines and transport systems are well maintained. Regular servicing is crucial.

We can carry out the following service and maintenance tasks for you:

A few examples

We are an all-round company and carry out a range of construction activities, from machine components to repairs and production of new working equipment.
We repaired the landing stages in the harbour in Arnhem. These had been completely broken away by waves and collisions. They will now last for many years to come. We regularly make components for a concrete factory and a paper factory and we have constructed bus shelters.


Our professionals can convert your old or new drawings to 3D, and then cut and weld together the steel or aluminium. We think in terms of solutions and enjoy using our experience to provide you with the right component or equipment.

Would you like to know what our professionals can do for your business? Then please contact us.