The FullMAT is the most comprehensive spraying and watering boom. This computer-controlled machine is installed on the end wall or above the central gangway. From there, the boom is automatically connected to the correct pipe above the selected bay.

Fully automatic machine

The entire program can be entered from the control panel in the greenhouse or work area: which bay, left or right, spraying or watering, Cleanlight UV lamps, speed per section and quantity. Besides this, the FullMAT can be controlled remotely by means of advanced software from an office or home computer, laptop, tablet or telephone. In short: you program the machine and can then check remotely whether everything is running smoothly, making adjustments if necessary.

Listening to our customers’ wishes

In 2018, we carried out a survey of our FullMAT customers, after which most of the wishes were integrated into the new operating system. This new operating system can also be installed on older models.
The FullMAT can be completely adapted to customers’ wishes, with the required pipe thickness being adjusted on the machine. Another useful advantage of this fully automatic system: we can log in remotely if you have questions or problems.

Would you like to know whether the FullMAT is the right spraying and watering boom for your business? Then make an appointment.